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2 Responses to “Summer Dig”

  • Tama:

    Hey Brigid, interesting cnoemmts! :) I’ve always loved archaeology and, as a youngster, (a long time ago I’m now 44) wanted to pursue it as a career. I was talked out of it at the time, given an apparent’ lack of employment for archaeologists here in Australia (at least thats what my parents told me). Anyway, about six months ago, I saw an ad on the History Channel with Baldric’ talking about Roman archaeology it was of course an ad for Time Team. I tuned in and was immediately hooked. I knew little about the field of archaeology, but the show was very accessable’ and informative, and ultimately led me to want to read more including the TT reports on the Wessex Archaeology website. Since that first viewing of the program, I’ve actually enrolled in an Degree (Leicester via Distance Learning) and am absolutely loving it. I’m not sure that there is any scope for fieldwork volunteers down this way (Aus/NZ), but am hoping to get back to England in 2013 to gain some first hand experience. :)(Alternatively, if my luck TT membership number comes up, I might have to get across there earlier )cheers,Andrew

  • tim watson:

    i would like to volunteer for the archaeology dig

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