1. Bronze Age landscape to the south of Church Field – investigation of different classes of feature (settlement, ritual and burial). Do we really have a henge? How does the trackway relate to Church Lane?
  2. The presumed medieval and early post-medieval activity in Church Field – evidence for its origins and abandonment. Is the old high street really of Roman origin? When were the enclosures abandoned?
  3. The location of Romano-British activity across the parish – is the impression that it’s always on plateaus correct? Where is the settlement in the historic core? What is its relationship to the Romano-British town of Baldock?
  4. The transition from Roman to Central Medieval – what’s going on between 400 and 1000, and what (if any) is the relationship of the cemetery at Blackhorse Road to early medieval settlement? Do we have evidence for sub-Roman survival or early Saxon settlement? To what extent was the medieval landscape a fossilisation of the Romano-British landscape?
  5. Can we refine our understanding of the bounds of Rodenhanger? Can we determine when it was absorbed into Norton?
  6. When was the enclosed landscape north of Nortonbury created? Is it the land in lordship at Domesday?
  7. Where were Harvest House and Oliver’s? Why are they so prominent on the map of c 1700?
  8. When was Stotfold Ditch created? Was it originally a parish or a county baulk? Was it a feature that already existed in the landscape?
  9. Is there any evidence for a church earlier than that dedicated in 1109×1119? What was the status of the priest recorded in Domesday?
  10. To what extent (if at all) can we reconstruct the topography of the Domesday vill?
  11. Is an early fourteenth-century date correct for the establishment of the moated site at Nortonbury? Might it be earlier?

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