The Section’s aims were defined when applying for grants from The Heritage Lottery Fund, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation and North Herts District Council.  The following is an extract from the grant application:

“We have identified the principal tasks, activities and proposed events as follows:

  • Photograph all manorial court rolls:  February 2010 to March 2011 at HALS Hertford by Members of the group to give a basis for translation.
  • Conservation of manorial court records will be carried out by the end 2010 by HALS Hertford County Conservator.
  • Translation of the 1244-1469 Manorial Court Rolls into modern English:  March 2010 – March 2012 by members who will share the task of transcribing the translation into ‘Word’ files.
  • Translation of the 1469-1714 Manorial Court Rolls into modern English by March 2012 by a specialist in Medieval Latin palaeography.
  • Translation of the further Manorial Court Rolls 1715 – 1917 into modern English by March 2013 by members sharing the task of transcribing the translation into ‘Word’ file.  (Includes late 18th century manorial records from a typed manuscript in Letchworth Library).
  • Identify other historical records (e.g. church baptism, marriage and burials in addition to the Manorial Court Rolls:  Old maps, The 1796 Enclosure Act, census returns (1841-1901), Trade Directories) which the Group can tie up with manorial records to provide insights into Norton history. (HALS) Hertford, Kew and Norton.
  • Databases of church records/gravestones.
  • Agree with the County Archivist practical matters such as access, copying, training, copyright and publishing of primary and any secondary material by March 2010.  (A formal agreement has been agreed in outline and is attached).
  • Analyse the information and draw together what we have recorded on properties.  Use this knowledge to complement and inform our archaeological research and direct further digs and surveys. We will gain an understanding of the properties in Norton and interpret the archaeological discoveries.
  • Prepare appropriate publications, presentation material, events and the like to understand far more of the heritage of our village and pass on what we learn to benefit the community of all ages and levels of interest. Short publications may include properties and buildings, agriculture, land ownership, crime, growth and demise of the village, family trees and the like. These will depend upon what we discover.
  • We may publish a complete transcription of all manorial records (1244-1917) and make it available to Letchworth library, HALS and ultimately to a worldwide audience.  This will be in agreement with HALS (Hertford) or The National Achieves (Kew) and Letchworth library.
  • Training by interpreter:  March 2010 to end of 2011: Members of the group to have an appreciation of the translation process and the purpose of manorial records.”



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